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Keeping our core values of learn, care and share at the fulcrum, we have extended our service offerings in HR Consulting and Strategy space. In this ever-evolving age, there is a continuous need for the institutes/organizations to rethink and redesign their core HR processes and policies and retain their key talent. People and Culture are a source of long-term competitive advantage, and now with this paradigm shift to the human capital era, its more than crucial to manage our processes in order to best suit the people interest.

Employee experience helps every organization to scale further and be competitive as well as transformative in the market. With this ideology, we have the below service offerings for the organization that are looking to have that competitive edge and make a difference.

what we offer


Performance linked Reward system includes rewarding employees based on their differentiated as well as relative performance. It will require closer scrutiny on the jobs as available in an organization and in accordance to the employee skills which will be required to perform those jobs.

Designing the performance-linked reward system is required to be based on extensive research as done on nature of business, technologies used as well as the overall strategy of the organization. This remuneration system is actually supposed to be customized basis the different needs of different organizations. Dua’s Knowledge Potli with its extensive experience in the HR domain, helps to introduce, integrate as well as administer ways and means to set up effective performance management tools, which will, in turn, enable organizations to set up effective ways to set up a performance-oriented culture; motivate the employees; identify top and critical talents, and also leverage ways and means to retain them.

A well-designed performance pay system helps in driving the key expectations of employees which is aligned to the overall organization’s business plan and strategy.


HR Processes and policies help organizations set up a framework to facilitate key relation-building with their employees. These are written set of rules/guidelines which help in all types of transactions and also guide the way to operate with minimal conflicts. This process might range right from Talent Recruitment, Employee Onboarding & Induction, and managing the entire employee life cycle at the organization till resignation/retirement.

How DKP Helps?

We provide end-to-end guidance on the entire gamut of HR processes guiding an organization and help lay down the operating principles as well as rights and responsibilities for employees as well as managers. These include:

  • Creation of HR Manuals, Handbooks, HR policies for smooth operations for any set-up.
  • Developing robust practices on some of the key processes like Recruitment, ensuring that we have the best of talent.
  • Establish guiding principles enabling the right culture and adaptive mindset of employees, thus leading to better productivity.
  • Provide HR expertise/advice depending upon the organization’s overall strategy on some of the critical actions yielding maximum results with minimalistic conflicts.


With Human Capital being the intrinsic aspect of any organization, it becomes crucial than ever to be able to continuously keep the employees engaged with the help of diverse HR processes and strategies. While various HR processes, are designed to keep employees at the fulcrum, rewarding and recognizing the employee’s performance are the key pillars that can help any organization sustain its growth momentum, and at the same time have a clear vision for the future.

Timely recognition of consistent and creative performers helps to motivate the employees and also enables continuous engagement with this section. At Dua’s Knowledge Potli, we help organizations design and seamlessly implement their Reward & Recognition framework which can boost their overall growth and development by keeping their alma matter continuously engaged and at the same time have a clear vision on their future growth and development. With the vast exposure in the HR domain, we can provide an end-to-end landscape on the inception as well as execution of rewarding and recognizing principles with a key eye on detailing related processes. Having an apt framework and strategy will help organizations drive continuous growth and development.