I was listening to my favorite song today morning. The Bluetooth device keeps popping a message on my ears – Recharge your device. I ignored it for the first time, then in the next few minutes, the frequency of this message kept increasing.

I did not want to put that on charge as my favorite song was on track. Finally, I lost the battery and could not complete listening to the full song. Had I taken a small break in between to recharge I would have enjoyed the song more without the disturbing message.

Similarly, while enjoying our life journey, our mind, our body our heart keep sharing a pop-up message to go slow, relax, replenish, rejuvenate, bring back our attention but we keep ignoring the message, which ultimately compels us to take that break, at not so desired time, from where the recovery path to our purpose, to our goals, gets off track.

Energy management must be there!

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