It was an early morning cycling ride today. As soon as I started, there were road bumpers that I had to cross, and I was getting irritated by slowing down. Every time I had to keep focussing on the bumpers and slow my speed.

I decided to take an alternate path which was very smooth and started enjoying the ride. After a few moments, I got drawn to a lot of thoughts in my mind on that non-bumpy path, starting from work to friends to family but never realise that I was riding a bicycle. I was not focussing on the path too as there were no bumpers. I completely missed enjoying the ride as I was caught up in different thoughts, my attention was not there on the ride. Reason – There were no hurdles, no bumpers.

Similarly, sometimes the bumpers and the roadblocks are necessary to keep attention on the path of your journey that can enable you to actually enjoy the same.

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